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Jo In Sung

A drama I watched almost twoGong Hyo Jin.jpg years after its release: It’s Okay, It’s Love, starring Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. The drama probably affected me personally much strongly than any other Korean drama I have ever seen. I had heard a lot about it but just never got around to watch it till now.

The reason it had beDo Kyung Soo Jo In Sung.pngen on my list of dramas to watch was mostly because of D.O. from EXO and this was his first ever acting role which he did wonders with especially since it was so complicated.

It’s Okay, It’s Love achieved what Hyde, Jekyll and Me had lacked for me, as far as the story went. There were next to no loopholes in the story, which dealt with a very difficult and sensitive issue of psychological conditions based in a medical environment. The beauty of the entire drama lies in the delicacy with which the script-writer, director and the actors dealt with the scenario they were provided.

Jo In Sung Gong Hyo Jin.jpgThe most commendable roles throughout the drama were Jang Jae Yeol (played by Jo In Sung), Ji Hae Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin) and Park Soo Kwang (played by Lee Kwang Soo). Jang Jae Yeol is a famed writer of romanceand mystery novels who also works as a radio show host and a DJ on various parties. JLee Kwang Soo.jpgi Hae Soo is a dedicated psychiatrist who is a fan of his work but also curious about Jae Yeol’s motivations with regards to his writing. When both of them end up living together with Hae Soo’s teacher, Jo Dong Min and his ward Soo Kwang, a lot of emotions are sparked that drive the rest of the story forward.

Do Kyung Soo.jpgWhile the audience learns about the dark and disturbing history of Jae Yeol’s past, which makes up the man behind the celebrity, the audience also starts to see the severe discrepancies in his character that go unnoticed by most of the characters till the final stretch of the show. One thing that I personally may have learned from Jae Yeol’s history is the fact that ‘holding it in’, holding any emotions inside ourselves is never a good idea because that has a heavy toll on one’s internal condition. As a fact, most humans feel like they are burdening each other by talking about their internal musings or hurt, when communication is probably the only way in which one can deal with any problem maturely. Jae Yeol is only able to overcome everything he suffers from when he comes to this understanding, and I learned a lot with him.

As for Hae Soo, she is probably my ideal in terms of hoGong Hyo Jin Jo In Sung.jpgw women should behave in relationships. She comes with her own baggage, and it’s clearly discomforting to a certain degree for those around her. Nonetheless, her confidence and self-assuredness are remarkable and they are ideals I would love to embody as a person. The way Hae Soo deals with a women’s man like Jae Yeol and the sense of control she is able to exert over him is phenomenal and amazing. She is always a step ahead of the men in her life and is able to exert self-control over herself in tough situations makes her one of the strongest females in Korean dramas and Gong Hyo Jin is surely a great actress.

Lee Sung Kyung Lee Kwang Soo.jpgLastly, Park Soo Kwang has a side role but the kind of maturity and care he shows towards the people around him make him a warm and very understanding character. The sense of loyalty that he has towards his friends and the concern he shows for his own love interest: Oh So Nyeo (played by Lee Sung Kyung) is not at all patronizing but still shows a level of empathy that makes him a brilliant character. Han Kang Woo, played by D.O. was a character that I had expected more of but the way he was knitted into the story and the way he portrayed such a difficult and sensitive character made him appear very real, and relatable, even for somebody who does not possess great knowledge about human psychology.

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  1. I see how you’re on a roll with Gong Hyo Jin. She is amazing. All her characters are so relateable. You’re missing Maester’s Sun. Another male actor who has the dead-pan humorous delivery.

    About this project, this is where my Lee Sung Kyung obsession started. I literally watched so many of her Youtube videos and almost all interviews and was SO happy about her latest project, which is perfect in ALL ways.

    I watched this project after That Winter, the Wind Blows so I was still angry with Jo In Sung for making me watch such an awful drama, so it took time to start liking him again, but when he started being lovable and his issues come to light I was hurting for real.

    BTW, I love your description of the female character, it’s very well thought-out.


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