Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min

*Hold your breath and swoon to your heart’s content, ladies*

beautiful-gong-shim-nam-goong-min-9.jpgI recently watched Beautiful Gong Shim, because I’ve been watching Nam Goong Min in Chief Kim recently, and I had to go back and see his previous drama to understand his acting chops a little better. When I found out that he had acted alongside, Girls’ Day’s massively talented singer turned actress, Minah, I knew I had to watch it.

An inherently  makjang drama, Beautiful Gonmin-ah-beautiful-gong-shim.jpgg Shim revolves around the life of a girl, Gong Shim, who is in her late twenties and suffers from a lot of complexes on account of being born to a former Korean beauty pageant winner, and sister to a successful lawyer, who has got their mother’s good looks. All that Gong Shim experiences in her day to day life interacting with strangers, in various settings has made her cynical and oblivious to possible good traits about her, be it personality or looks. Everything she experiences emotionally are feelings that most girls experience in their lives I think and her defense mechanisms are all those that we have considered using at some point of our lives.

It iGongShimPoster2.jpgs at these times in one’s life when we look for somebody who will root for us and stand up for us. Gong Shim finds it in a lawyer who decides to rent out her rooftop room, Ahn Dan Tae (and yes, pun is quite clearly intended by the scriptwriter). Ahn Dan Tae becomes one of the few people who actively cheer for Gong Shim, and do not find her lacking in any way.  Every look he gives her is so dreamy, even if his purpose is to annoy her, especially that sparkle in his eyes. And every single smile he passes whether Gong Shim sees it or doesn’t, is oozing with pride for her, which makes one feel like he is cheering for us. OOOH Nam Goong Min, you kill us with your expressions.

Another person cheering for oOn Joo Wan.jpgur Gong Shim, is Suk Joon Soo (played by Ohn Joo Wan), the grandson of the President of STAR Company, making him a chaebol heir to this big business. Except, he isn’t the legitimate heir, since he was born to an illegitimate son of the current President’s husband. The President is on a hunt for her legitimate heir who happens to have been kidnapped 26 years ago and still hasn’t been found. Due to a chance meeting with Dan Tae, she entrusts him with the job of finding this missing grandson.

The entiOhn Joo Wan Bang Minah Nam Goong Min.jpgre story is clearly makjang, and yet the main cast was a lot of fun to watch minus Gong Shim’s sister, Gong Mi. UGH. On the other hand, the crazy antics of Gong Shim, Dan Tae and Joon Soo made for great excitement throughout the show. The fact that a couple can find happiness in being silly together had its own charm considering the great burdens these people carry throughout the show. Sometimes letting it all out by being a little wacky helps plenty in fixing one’s trodden spirits. The lovely bromance between Dan Tae and Joon Soo, was another unique idea that I enjoyed a lot in the show. Seeing Gong Shim slowly gain confidence and readily come to terms with who she is made me feel happy for her and knowing that all of us do have people cheering for us, was heartwarming to the core.

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  1. I love his eyes toooo. The comedy was AWESOME in thus show and both actors were super. The most memorable scene was probably the slap scene hahaha I can’t forget how funny that was.


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