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TomorrowLee Je Hoon Shin Min With You just came to a close yesterday. I can’t say I was awfully excited about a drama on time travelling but I simply decided to watch it, as a means of giving company to a fellow, K-drama fan. It starred Lee Je Hoon and Shin Mina. I had seen the latter in Oh My Venus, and if anything, she knows how to be cute while not compromising the fact that Shin Minashe’s an adult.

2009: Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is a time-traveler who gained his power after a bomb blast on a train that he barely escaped because he had been accused of taking pictures of a girl riding the train with him. He stepped out at a station, leaving his parents inside, only to hear the blast a few minutes later. The girl who accused him was Song Ma Rin (Shin Mina).

2016: A fellow time-traveler convinced So Joon that lives could be changed and fates altered if time-travelers intervened by marrying the man/woman with a bad fate. In the future, So Joon sees a woman involved in a road accident with amputated legs, Song Ma Rin. Seeing the fate she has in store for herself, So Joon decided to go back to theShin Mina Lee Jehoon.jpg present to avert the accident and save her from losing her legs. From thereon, a romance ensues between the two of them, who get married within a few months, but So Joon’s desperate need to figure out the future to avert any ill that may befall the couple later on drives the central conflict of the show.

A drama that reveals a lot of its future in the beginning and middle of the show, leaves very little in the imagination to ponder over. Yet, the show managed to keep the audience hooked for a great part of its run. I must admit, though, there were some parts that felt like repetitions, visually, because since we had already seen the future, whenever the event would actually happen, it would make me lose attention. But since we had seen how So Joon averted Ma Rin’s fate the first time, one was left wondering what else could he possibly change. The thLee Je Hoon Shin Mina.jpging that truly struck me was that the chaos that So Joon’s mind was in was palpable to the audience by the way his scenes had been shot. While Ma Rin’s scenes had a calmness and collected feeling about them, So Joon’s were full of a lot of rushing and back and forth.

One thing that the drama was able to deliver on was definitely its tone. There was a melancholy and contemplative tone that definitely struck a chord with me. It did not have the loudness and craziness of other dramas I have seen. The show took itself seriously and the way it delivered, direction wise had a very avant garde effect in the whole production. The clothing was on point, and that dullness of colour gactors-lee-je-hoon-and-shin-min-a-will-star-in-upcoming-fantasy-drama-tomorrow-with-you.jpgave it a filter-like effect that appeared very good with the theme of the show. Lastly, the romance of the show was totally out of this world, because I have never seen such amazing chemistry between any other leading couple, in which even the silence and most banal of moments are brought alive by the magic that happens between. I honestly ship JeMin more than WooMin.

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  1. Noooo woomin forever. Lol. Thanks for the company, chingu ❤. As a fan of all fictional premises of dramas, i was very excited about a time travel story, as well as the lead actors.
    And yes I did doubt the show’s ability to wrap up nicely and yet have a sweet ending but it was so good in the end that i feel it was worth the time i spent guessing and theorizing about it. I totally agree with what you said, Shin Mina’s character being calm because to me, she was the star of the show in the way she did not lose her freaking mind with such an insanely frustrating husband #mimosa lol. I really felt for her and for the whole time he was bludering about, my stress level reached an unhealthy level during every episode. I think she was the reason i stayed with the show because I absolutely loved Shin Mina in ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ and became a die-hard fan. And i’m glad i stayed because the ending was totally worth it. Even though it made me drop time travel from my superpower wish-list, it was, overall, a really good show because it made me feel warm, curious, nervous, and excited.
    Also, my second favorite character was that vacuum. Lol. I want one.


    1. The part about how So Joon was a frustrating husband and our stress levels hitting the roof, could have made for a good addition to the original article! Always your ‘hanguk drama chingu’.


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