All My Friends Are Heathens


Written by guest writer.

31st October, 2017

9:45 pm


Jungkook yawned.


He was cold. He was hungry. He wanted to be in his bed right now, snuggled up in the warm blankets with a hot cup of coffee in his right hand while he watched one action movie after another (preferably with blondes in them but Angelina Jolie would work fine too) and then fell asleep as soon as the clock struck 12 like a modern-day Cinderella.


The only problem was: he wasn’t.


He wasn’t in his bed right now, he couldn’t even remember the last time he enjoyed full eight hours of sleep in his bed, or any bed for that matter. The hospital room that had been allotted to the third year students for the new found medical program was under-funded and the bunk beds were hard. They left him sore even if he lay down for half an hour. He had decided he was better off not trying that again.


And guess who had been chosen for Halloween duty?


C8BtfJHWsAAIpYCHim, of course, him. He gritted his teeth at the thought, while grabbing another coffee down the hall machine and passing a curt nod to one of the nurses who surveyed him up and down, shaking her head softly.


He could almost hear her squeaky little voice in his head.


These kids, gulping down one coffee after another on one night duty, back in the days we stayed up for months in a row and didn’t even need an energy drink! This generation…”


CxQTFK1XAAAKkY6.jpgHe glanced at the time. It was about to be 10 pm. Great. It wasn’t even 12 yet and he was already hearing voices of old ladies in his head which made him want to scream at their faces and tell them to leave him alone.


In his defense, he didn’t hate medicine. No, he wouldn’t have opted for it if he hated it. He just didn’t particularly fancy it. He didn’t want to stay up nights reading the miracles of science and how the first surgery in the history of mankind took place. He didn’t want to sacrifice his comfort for another human crying in pain in the emergency room. He didn’t want to ‘serve mankind over himself’ in any way despite what the Hippocratic oath said. 9fb83edec67faa267cacf343250765f7


He just wanted a steady job, a steady pay and a place to call home after a day of work which certainly did not consist of anal examinations or enemas. He just wanted a normal job, dammit.


1d882210162ce4be4f23773592cec967--heart-care-good-heart.jpg“Hey Kookie”, a male voice greeted him as he was just about to give a final round to all the patients in the private cardiac ward.


He looked up and his face broke into a tired smile.


“Namjoon hyung! Hi!”


superthumbThe male nurse only a few years older than him surveyed him up and down.


“You look tired.”


Jungkook shrugged. He had signed up for it after all.


14063083_313623175651215_608010636_n.jpg“What are you doing here though, hyung? Isn’t your duty in emergency today?” he asked.


For a second, he thought he saw a panic-stricken look flash across the older one’s face but as soon as it came, it was gone. He must’ve imagined it, he thought, glancing at the fourth cup of coffee in his hand.


“Uh yeah. But Jackson told me to check on a patient here. I’m on my way back right now.”


12826242_485567758293241_620186370_nJungkook nodded, but even as he did, he couldn’t help the discomfort of suspicion creeping up on him. He had no reason to suspect Namjoon for anything he knew. But the third year students had only been brought to the scene to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happened for the next few months in the hospital, the call letter being something that had never happened before. Which only meant one thing; the hospital security was suspecting something to happen.


538e406b2690b78d323821a7df362397--doctor-strange-the-doctor.jpgAnd even if he respected Namjoon from the bottom of his heart and had seen him around for the last six months or so, his gut told him to double check all the patients he had already checked on a while ago.


Their vitals had been stable, most of them peacefully asleep.


But it never hurt to recheck, he thought, waving Namjoon goodbye and turning back to the hallway, humming slightly.


52fd3ce4e2fb672077dad0b3a371ecbcThe day hadn’t been as bad as he had imagined, though. He remembered one of his seniors telling him a story of how this one time on Halloween, two people in really bad nerdy outfits presented to the emergency with their braces stuck to each other’s teeth. And another time in which the respectively people had to be carried on a stretcher because their genitals had gotten stuck to each other, somehow. He winced. No thank you, no sticking or unsticking for Jeon Jungkook today, thank you very much.


97f6bda50892e85361ad0f2836d2caaa.jpgTwo out of the five patients were still sleeping peacefully which made his stomach knot in guilt but he figured as long as his suspicion didn’t hurt anyone, he was on the right path. He carried on, his white lab coat making swishing sounds while he walked.


The third room, however, was a different story. As soon as he entered the room, the flat line gracing the monitor in front of him hitched his breath and panic rose like bubbles in his chest. The coffee was falling to the floor, burning his hand in the process as he sped to the unmoving form lying on the bed and fumbled with his hand in hopes of a feeble pulse but there was none.


CZGfPALWQAAWxx2.jpgHis body suddenly felt weak like it was made of jelly. He hadn’t expected to find a dead patient in a perfectly fine private part of the cardiac wards. Straightening up, he opened his mouth to call out a code blue but a strong muscular hand wrapped its way around it before he could.


He blinked furiously, still startled and tried to elbow his way out of the grasp on his waist that was pushing him against the hard body. But the person behind him was strong as well as tall because the next moment, both of his arms were in an iron grip, the perpetuator dragging him quietly to the open bathroom door. He struggled, trying to put into action all the moves he had seen on television, the little tips and tricks but all it did was cause the person to hold his arms tighter and give him an unceremonious shake that rattled his teeth.


7d2317817d67c79d3fd4db305da1d4d7--rear-window-window-view.jpgAll too soon, he was in the bathroom, the door slammed shut by the foot of his attacker, now swinging him around to face Jungkook as his grip over him loosened.


Jungkook’s eyes widened, his mouth opening and closing like that of a fish. And his gut churned again as if to say “I fucking told you so!”


But he didn’t understand. No, he didn’t understand one bit.


12237287_1545591415732154_2130030445_n.jpg“Namjoon hyung?” he whispered quietly, staring at the older man whose face was neither struck with guilt nor conscience. It was blank and stony, like a carved statue had suddenly come to life.


Instead of replying, Namjoon crept something hard up against his stomach.


It was funny; really, this whole conversation happening in a bathroom with Namjoon’s back pressed against the sink and his against the door, their breaths heavy and panting. If he didn’t know better, he would almost think they were having a sexual adventure.


b927f10510ac545c6af1f40d931a5ee5--interior-photography-architectural-photography.jpgExcept that the sexual adventure didn’t involve a gun pressed against his chest at any point.


His eyes traveled slowly from the gun back to the stony face, the other finger now pressed softly against Namjoon’s lips to hint his quietness.


And all of a sudden, it dawned on him.


CCTV-camera-e1457617446948.jpgThe security had been roughly upgraded the same time around which Namjoon had been transferred to their hospital, he recollected seeing the older one in odd places at various times claiming he had gotten lost or something of the sort.


They had heard a rumor that someone from the mafia had taken residence inside the hospital for some kind of secret inside job and all of the third year students had laughed off collectively at that because those kind of ridiculous things only happened in movies, right?


tumblr_orcrp4uM9L1uvsi7jo2_r2_500.jpgWell, he did wish it were a movie, the tips of his fingers tingling with the sudden rush of adrenaline. He wished it were a movie because he had liked Namjoon a lot but more importantly because he was about to do something very, very stupid which may possibly get him killed.


And there was no tough blonde chick in sight to save him either.


Gathering all the courage he could from the bottom of his heart to the osteocytes in his bone (dammit medicine), he swatted the gun out of Namjoon’s grip and pushed the door open, one foot outside, ready to scream his lungs out before a hand clasped around his neck and pulled him back, throwing him against the sink. His head spun as it came in contact with the cool rim of the white sink, a searing pain shooting from the right side of his forehead and causing him to shrink upon himself. He fell to the floor with a bump.


12479253_444715302394189_1786456506_n.jpgWith his right eye closed from the pain, he groaned and brought a hand above to touch the spot. Something sticky flowed onto his finger and dripped down the lab coat. He brought it down to confirm it was blood. Right, blood, in case he suddenly started leaking slime, you know.


“I warned you, Kookie. Now listen to me carefully, okay?” Namjoon spoke for the first time in a while with an unfazed voice.


f4d38e758a7d675a9a97a104427dbdc1--red-aesthetic-aesthetic-fight.jpgJungkook mumbled something incoherent, both his eyes now closing with pain that threatened to overtake his consciousness.


“Listen”, Namjoon said again forcefully, grabbing his left elbow so Jungkook looked up, a little blood now seeping into his eye.


“You’re gonna go out and scream and tell them there was someone here but you didn’t see who. Just this. Not more, not less.” chuckled causing the older one’s eyes to narrow at him.


“You do realize there are…cameras around…” he tried to speak.


“Oh, don’t worry about those, Kookie, don’t you worry about those”, Namjoon replied, no hint of worry in his voice.


“And if I don’t do what you say?”, Jungkook said, trying to stay awake, hoping someone would walk into the room and find everything. Maybe he should just stall Namjoon long enough to…


cb3fcfc38621697f5c9a5a670b633ddb.jpg“I know where you live. I even know your family has a dog. Cute little thing. Oh and your little brother, he’s-”


Jungkook growled despite of himself, his chest tightening at the thought of anything happening to his family.


Namjoon grinned.


shadow man.png“Yeah. Just say exactly that and when you wake up, you can say you don’t remember much except the guy was dead and as soon as you saw that, you felt a blow to your head and a shadowy figure and tadaa, your family is safe.”


“If you lay a finger…”


Namjoon rolled his eyes.


tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640.jpg“Yeah, yeah, you’ll kill me. Now I’m gonna go and scream and stuff and you keep your end of bargain and they’ll be fine, okay? You’re gonna pass out soon.”


“Kim Namjoon”, Jungkook spluttered, his vision blurring now, “I won’t forgive you for this.”


Namjoon flashed him a perfectly dimpled smile.


8d1f595a009310f96835b9355fe81f13--white-aesthetic-darkness-falls.jpg“Good thing you don’t have to. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a drama to stage.”


With that, Namjoon got up and flushed the gun he had been holding before running out of the bathroom. In the distance, he heard him scream and puff and pant and almost laughed to himself. But his eyelids felt heavy and he couldn’t fight to keep them open anymore.


So he fell unconscious with one name roaming the crevices of his mind;


“Kim Namjoon”, his mind echoed again before blacking out.