When the Mistakes of the Past Come to Haunt the Present | Two Cops

Kim Sun Ho Jo Jung Suk.jpgMy first review of the year, 2018 and I am over the moon writing about such an incredible drama that just came to a close last night. A story revolving around the police force and swindlers uniting against a common enemy: people behind numerous murders. It was packed with action, suspense, mystery and of course the staple Korean genre; comedy. The script kept us on our tenterhooks till the very end and I was deeply engrossed in the various tricks and strategies that the police and conmen came up with together. So without further ado, here is the gist of the story.

Jo Jung Suk Kim Sun Ho.jpgCha Dong Tak (played by Jo Jung Suk) is a detective in the police force, working as a partner with another officer. During one stakeout, when the two are investigating a murder, his partner gets stabbed and passes away. Dong Tak is filled with a desire for vengeance and wants to get to the bottom of the mess that caused this unnecessary loss of life. He is given the lead that a certain conman: Gong Soo Chang (played by Kim Sun Ho) is possibly the murderer and so Dong Tak catches him. While taking him for further investigation, their car is attacked by a mob. Since both men are cuffed to each other, while Dong Tak fights off the mob members, Soo Chang takes a metal rod to the head and passes out. He is later declared to be in a critical condition and is admitted into a hospital. Strangely enough, his soul is free and begins to roam about the city. The only person who can see or hear Soo Chang is Dong Tak. Whenever Dong Tak covers himself in water, Soo Chang’s spirit enters his body and whenever he bleeds, Soo Chang leaves his body. Using this method, the two become eventual partners as they come up with ways to corner the bad guys involving an understanding of law as well as the psychology of the crooks they are after

Lee Hyeri Jo Jung Suk.jpgEven though Song Ji An (played by Lee Hyeri) was technically the main female lead, but the chemistry between the two men was such that she became important to the plot but lost her significance as the very typical romantic interest. Ji An, a reporter by profession likes to keep tabs on the police force and their activities, in case she can find some juicy material to cover for her own job. Having lost her father to suicide after he was framed for corruption, she has lived a very difficult childhood. As the story enters the past, we find out how these three characters had their fates/lives intertwined from a very young age.

Jo Jung Suk Lee Hyeri.jpgIt’s time for some commendations. Jo Jung Suk never ceases to amaze me with his incredible acting chops. He’s a man of great talent. His typical mumbling of his dialogues always adds texture to his characters. This has got to be his second drama involving spirits and possession. The first being Oh My Ghostess, but his accurate portrayal of Kim Sun Ho’s facial expressions and vocal inflections was a great proof of how amazing an actor he truly is. Also, Kim Sun Ho… This was his second drama as a second lead, scratch that, he was as main a lead as Jo Jung Suk. Man, this rookie actor kills every role he’s in, whether he’s an average accountant in Cheif Kim or a chaebol heir in Strongest Deliveryman, or a ‘street rat’ conman in Two Cops. He’s an incredible actor and oh so handsome. I can’t wait for him to have his own drama some time soon. Also, if Namgoong Min and Lee Junho deserved that Best Couple Award for 2017, I believe Jo Jung Suk and Kim Sun Ho deserve it for 2018. Best bromance ever, to the extent that they had me squealing in the last episode. Also, Hyeri has improved by leaps and bounds as an actress and I could see how somebody as season as Jo Jung Suk seriously affected the performance of the other actors, who put in great effort to meet his standard. The drama was an overall success and the comedy that both the men provided was a great stress reliever.

Kim Sun HoThe last point I wish to end this review on is the constant emphasis on mentors in this drama. The fact that we’re all a little crazy as teenagers and can make rash and impulsive decisions at that age is one nobody denies. Sometimes, we make mistakes that have repercussions that resonate with us throughout our lives. It is at times like these when all of us seek somebody older than us, who will guide us and show us the way. Meeting the right kind of adults, be they parents or anybody else is crucial to what he grow up to be. A reckless child can be saved by good advice, only if they heed it. An innocent one can be abused by an irresponsible adult. So it is on both parties to give good advice and heed the good advice. This idea was drilled into this drama and even though I wasn’t taking it too seriously initially, it left a lasting impression towards the end. Hence, this drama is a must-watch and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and reviewing it!