Lee Jung Shin’s Longing Heart

Lee Jung Shin Seo Ji Hoon.jpgQuite honestly, writing this review is one I have been avoiding due to a single reason: Jung Yong Hwa’s scandal. After the events of last December, we were all just recovering that CN Blue fans got hurt by Yong Hwa’s scandal. An absolutely illogical scandal that has left me very disturbed, especially because of Yong Hwa’s sudden enlistment in the military. With less than a month till he leaves, watching Jung Shin put on a brave face for his drama, while knowing full well how all activities of his band have been halted maybe for the next few years makes it difficult for me to review this.

Lee Jung Shin Lee Yeol Eum Seo Ji Hoon.jpgHowever, Longing Heart was such an easy watch after having ended something as intense as Just Between Lovers. A 10 episode drama, that focuses on romance and time travel, I did enjoy watching it. Lee Jung Shin was dashing as Kang Shin Woo (I love how they used Jung Yong Hwa’s character name from his debut drama, You’re Beautiful). Shin Woo is a teacher at a high school, lovesick for the past ten years, because he never got to confess his love to his first love in school. As he runs into her as an adult, he somehow ends up travelling ten years back in time. He remains a teacher and is able to interact with himself of ten years ago. The younger Shin Woo is played by Seo Ji Hoon, who looks incredibly dreamy for a teenage version of Lee Jung Shin. Older Shin Woo makes it his mission to right the wrongs and make it possible for younger Shin Woo to confess his feelings for Han Ji Soo (played by Lee Yeol Eum).

Seo Ji Hoon Lee Yeol Eum Lee Jung Shin.jpegEven though the plot is incredibly mundane and never really rises up to something superior by simply restricting itself to finding true love, it was the acting that I was in love with. Lee Jung Shin definitely took some lessons from Yong Hwa’s San Ma Ru from The Package. The foolishness and absolute preposterous behaviour of the older Shin Woo as he attempted to seek attention somehow made him even more endearing than he already is. May I take this opportunity to make note of how incredibly gorgeous Jung Shin’s tall and lean body looked in those suits, high cut pants and loafers. He wore almost the same clothes throughout the show, but somehow they accentuated how incredibly good looking he is. Yet, Shin Woo was the silliest character I have ever witnessed in a drama. He even channeled a bit of Choi Si Won’s Byun Hyuk from Revolutionary Love with his mind stuck on getting the girl. However, if somebody is having a bad day and wants something foolish and light to watch then Longing Heart is a good way to pass a lonely day. Don’t forget to feast your eyes on two Shin Woos, ladies. Twice the fun.

Seo Ji Hoon Lee Yeol Eum Lee Jung Shin.jpeg