Solving Crimes One Sketch At a Time | Sketch

Sketch.jpgBy far Sketch was one of the best dramas that was airing these past few weeks. With a solid story line and a very well-knit plot, it kept me hooked every single episode wondering how crimes in the past, present and future would come together to narrate a single tale of revenge, redemption and betrayal. Considering the intricate plot of this story, it is best to jump right into the characters.

Lee Sun Bin.jpgYoo Si Hyun (played by Lee Sun Bin), the protagonist of our show, is a psychic who can envision crimes that will take place in the near future, usually within a span of three days. Whenever she sees one of her visions, she usually falls into a stupor in which she actively draws out a set of five sketches which hint at whatever grief is about to hit anybody. Due to her abilities she is part of a secret unit within the police that works in order to prevent crimes instead of reaching crime scenes after they have taken place. While trying to prevent murders of two women, Si Hyun and her colleague are caught up in an intricate web. This web traces its way back to the time when her father, a journalist, was heartlessly murdered. The reason as we come to know was because he was delving into uncharted territory by attempting to expose a mastermind, possessing great power and influence, who was in control of most of the economy and politics of Korea.

Lee Dong Geun Rain.jpgWhile predicting the first murders of the two women, Si Hyun is able to figure out that one of the women, a prosecutor, happens to be the fiancee of a detective in the police force. Therefore, her group of colleagues take it upon themselves to inform Detective Kang Dong Soo (played by Rain) about how his fiancee’s life is in utter danger.  Despite his lack of faith in this police officer claiming to be a psychic, Dong Soo does give in because of the doubts in his own mind. As he helps make sure that his own fiancee is safe, he begins helping this group of people in order to prevent the other crime involving a rapist out to assault a woman. However, the group misses their actual target and the woman they were trying to save is brutally murdered. This woman is later revealed to be the wife of Kim Do Jin (played by Lee Dong Geun), who is a commando in the Korean army. Upon finding out how his wife died all alone, Do Jin has lost all purpose in his life and he is provided with a purpose by a prosecutor called Jang Tae Joon (played by Jung Jin Young). He is hired as an assassin, and is following the orders of a mysterious figure who seems to be a psychic just like Si Hyun. He gets orders to prevent crimes by killing off the perpetrators before they even commit the gruesome acts. However, in the process of killing people on orders, he ends up chasing his wife’s rapist, who happens to have kidnapped Dong Soo’s fiancee. Since she witnesses the murder of the rapist, she has to go, and therefore Do Jin kills her. This begins the cat and mouse tale of Dong Soo and Do Jin, while Si Hyun’s group continues to prevent and solve crimes before they actually take place.

Lee Sun Bin Rain.jpgThe crimes gradually begin to come together and can clearly be seen as small puzzle pieces in a much grander scheme of things. They may stand out as individual cases in the very beginning but the story does come full circle with big reveals about various mysterious identities. The drama was captivating to say the very list, because it had me awestruck every step of the way. I have rarely been this engrossed in a crime/thriller drama but this one really took the cake for me. Of course I will rank Voice higher than this but overall this was a brilliant piece of work. This was by far, Rain’s best role in a drama ever and I hope he gets his due credit for it. The story was incredibly well thought out and the small hints we got of a season two were very well received. I sincerely hope we get to see more of this psychic group of officers because they were a treat to watch indeed.