I entered the world of Korean entertainment in 2012, through Jung Yong Hwa, Heartstrings and its Original Soundtrack. This marks the biggest shift in my life as far as my interest music goes because my love and admiration for everything Korean has come to define a huge part of my identity as a person. I’m a South Asian, from Pakistan,studying in Seoul, South Korea. I associate with Korean culture on a very basic human level, since I see so many aspects of our cultures coinciding with each other despite some very obvious differences.

I also available for any freelance writing opportunities. Feel free to drop me an email at asiya2938@gmail.com!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your blog. I wish I had time to write about what I like as well. I can’t believe you were like right there and crazy about K-Dramas and I had no idea. ❤


  2. Sorry but, we need to be on the same page. I will watch all what you really liked and these are all what I LOVED. I didn’t include all the old ones and there are a few others that could be put off till later, but these are so essential. Also, send me your list of MUST WATCH dramas please.
    1. Reply 1988
    2. Cheese in the Trap
    3. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    4. Master’s Sun
    5. I Remember You
    6. Fated to Love You
    7. Beautiful Mind
    8. Descendants of the Sun
    9. School 2013
    10. Age of Youth
    11. 1% of Anything
    12. Drinking Solo
    13. Signal
    14. Emergency Couple
    15. Marriage Not Dating
    16. Healer
    17. W-Two Worlds
    18. I Hear Your Voice
    19. Kill Me Heal Me
    20. Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim
    21. The Producers
    22. Dream High
    23. Weightlifting Fairy
    24. Legend of the Blue Sea
    25. Goblin

    More later 😛


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