All Idols Matter | An Ode to Kim Jong Hyun (1990-2017)

I have pondered and spent hours thinking about the events that led to the tragedy fans of Korean pop music experienced on the 18th of December this year. It has been a difficult time for a lot of us, and we have all grieved differently. I for one, never knew I had become so attached [...]

Looking Out | Lookout

Another thrilling ride just came to an end yesterday. Lookout, with its star-studded cast was one awfully psychotic journey which had its viewers on edge for most of the show. A wild goose chase involving a corrupt judiciary and a group of vigilantes seeking vengeful justice made for a very exciting premise for the show. [...]

Drinking Solo

Drinking Solo was another one of the recommended dramas, that I managed to watch recently. My second motivation to watch it was Key from Shinee; he’s never been my favourite member from the group but I ended up watching some of his recent live streams on Facebook in which he spoke pretty well in English [...]